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April Challenge Problem Little Party... Question not clear

I have been trying to ask my doubts through comments section since atleast 30-35 hours but no one responds.. Here are my doubts 1. is it possible that a party was of form ABC for n=3 , i.e. all were in good mood ? 2. Also what will be the answer if all possible combinations of Parties existed ?.. is it 0 or 1 or something else?

Plss don`t post answer in any form , not even anything close to answer . Just make the problem clear so everybody has a fair chance to solve it . Thanks..

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asked 10 Apr '15, 17:49

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if all possible parties are there, then answer should be 0. Sure about this part. And ABC is possible, as from what I get from reading the problem.


answered 10 Apr '15, 22:03

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