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Shree was in USA. She has just returned from USA and planned for a pani puri treat with his colleagues Zakky, Davi Prasad, Deepak, Suman and Vidyaranya. Davi Prasd ate "N" pani puris that is equivalent to pani puris eaten by suman and zakky, Now Deepak started competing with Davi Prasad and ate pani puris which is same as pani puri eaten by Zakky and Davi Prasad. Mean time Vidyaranya was checking his e-mail but seeing Deepak he became furious and ate pani puri i.e equals to Davi Prasad & Suman. Since Shree is very conscious about her health she only ate 5 pani puris. As she is used to with $USD after eating pani puri she asked the vendor for the bill in $USD. A pani puri costs 50 paisa. Vendor has no idea about $USD, help him to calculate the bill in $USD. The user pass no of pani puri and current amunt of dollar The Program should be in java language

Please provide me the source code of this question as soon as possible

asked 18 Apr '15, 14:06

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