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Codechef Ranking

Yesterday i had participated in a short interval competition in which i did 1 question but still by rank is not available as well as rating is 0.Below is written a message:'Oops!! We didn't find any country code for you.'

asked 26 Apr '15, 08:55

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CodeChef ranks and ratings only make sense for the contests organized "BY" CodeChef. These only include CodeChef Long Challenges, and short challenges like Cook-Offs and LunchTimes. If you participate in any of these three contests, only then your rating is going to change. Otherwise for all the other contests organized by various organizations/universities on CodeChef, the ratings are unaffected.

So next time you want your rating to go up, better participate in one of these three contests. :)


answered 26 Apr '15, 10:23

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Dude it will take time, when the result is declared then it is shown in your account, This thing also happened with me when i am new to codechef and i was getting frustrated after solving 5 practice problem and still my rank is 0 and it showing like 'Oops!! We didn't find any country code for you.' and then i started taking participation in long contest and then my rank is now visible, getting very very happy at that moment!!


answered 26 Apr '15, 09:13

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