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Problem in CHMOD question !!

I have used precalculation technique . For ex. let 1 2 3 4 5 be array . Then through precomputation i have made another array . 1 2 6 24 120 . After that in order to cal any query it is :- arra[m]/arr[l-1] where l is lower rage and m is upper .. Is my approach wrong.. getting WA many times Could someone help me out. Solution is :-

asked 08 May '15, 01:31

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Read the constraints again.


If all elements of the array are 100, the product of N such elements of the array will be:

100X100X100...100(N times)=(100)^N

This will quickly overflow for large values of N as maximum value of long long int is 10^18. Therefore you need to implement multiplication between two numbers by adding their prime powers and then calculating (a^b)%c using fast squaring.


answered 08 May '15, 07:24

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