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HackerEarth May Clash '15 - invitation

Hello everyone,

I want to invite you to participate in HackerEarth May Clash '15. It is 24h-long contest, scheduled on May, 23 (check your timezone). Problemset consists of 5 algorithmic tasks of varying difficulty with partial solutions allowed - you get points for every test that you solution passed, and one approximate problem - your score for this task depends on how good your solution is comparing to current best solution.

Problemset was prepared by AmirMohammad Dehghan - he was a writer of recent Codeforces round and also few interesting contests in CF gym :) I was co-working with him as a tester.

There will be nice prizes for toppers:

Amazon Gift Cards for top3 ($80 - 60 - 40)

HackerEarth T-shirts for top5.

Upd. First announcement said that contest is scheduled on May, 16. Due to unavoidable reasons it has been moved on May, 23 now.

asked 14 May '15, 07:55

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Thanks for the information. Looking forward to participate in this.


answered 15 May '15, 02:28

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