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Help required in Simple DP problem

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Can anyone help me with this solution First tell what should I do to get 60 points and then 100 points.

I have got 20 points in this solution. I thought I would get TLE in rest of subtask but its giving WA. Can anyone tell me in which case I am getting WA

asked 20 May '15, 20:32

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Your dp equation needs to be modified. You wrote dp[j][k] = dp[j - 1][k] + min(disc, min). I assume dp[j][k] denotes the total cost of j items with last item bought in the kth house. Then min(disc, min) is wrong. It should be only disc. And it it not necessary that he always gets a discount. It is also possible that dp[j][k] = dp[j - 1][h] + price[j][k] where h is anything from 1 to m.

So your final dp equation should be

dp[j][k] = min(dp[j - 1][k] + disc, val + price[j][k]) where val = min of all (dp[j - 1][h]) for h in range (1, m)


answered 21 May '15, 10:23

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