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Change in Page theme of JUNE15

Why there is change in page theme of JUNE15?

I personally find the older theme of challenge page nice. On moving the cursor over number of submission I could also see the number of submission for partial points. Moreover in the newer theme there is no differentiation in Partial Solved problem and Fully Solved Problem.

What do you think of this new theme guys??

I hope this would not remain longer and the original theme would come back.

asked 14 Jun '15, 02:10

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edited 16 Jun '15, 10:17

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Hi @ankurverma1994,

We have recently revamped our contest page (not much regarding theme and placements of blocks) and have made it light weight. In the process, we have taken back partial submissions stats, which we are planning to move to a new page. This is a temporary change and we'll keep you posted once we enable it again.

In case of any doubt or feedback you can contact us at,


answered 15 Jun '15, 15:13

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I suggest also to add an filtering option for submissions based on whether partially solved or fully solved. It will be nice I think.

(15 Jun '15, 23:24) snk9674★

Actually I am finding it looks nice i just click on the heading and it gets filtered, recent activity too looks nice.


answered 14 Jun '15, 09:22

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Though from the main page we can't view the number of partial submission unlike the previous. Previously also it gets filtered on on clicking the heading

(14 Jun '15, 12:14) ankurverma19944★
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