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Doubt in CHSTR

Can anyone please explain this ->

" From the above array we can conclude that we have 1 substring which can be choosen atleast 3 times. How? Because there are 3 entries in the above array that are greater than or equal to 1. Similarly we can deduce for 2 (2 times), 3 (2 times), 4 (1 time ) and 5(1 time). So we increment cnt[3] once, cnt[2] twice and cnt[1] twice. " ??

Specially in first sentence (from above quote) what is use of selecting 1 substring atleast 3 times ? Why would we so that ? and What will be the result of doing that ?

asked 19 Jun '15, 18:03

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This is the algorithm with which we populate the cnt array. It means that we can find the same substring with length 1 three times. In that the case we can find the substring 'a' in three different places. Then we can find the same substring with length 2 two times (this is 'ab'), and so on.

Then we repeat the same procedure with the next suffix.

At the end we will have populated the cnt array and we can compute the answer the way it is described at the beginning.

PS. "we have 1 substring which can be choosen atleast 3 times." means the substring with length 1.


answered 22 Jun '15, 12:18

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