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CodeChef Plans the Date and Time for Contests a Year Ahead of Time

I have found that CodeChef actually plans their contest much ahead of time. For example

I found this by mistyping the date for COOK59 as COOK60 instead and then I started experimenting from there after I saw that the July Cook-Off has already been planned. It seems that December 2016 is the last month for which contests have been planned. Are these dates and times subject to change or will these be the exact time for the contests in December 2016? Thank you for looking at this!

asked 22 Jun '15, 03:08

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Do you have plans for December 2016 as well ? I suggest you take a dongle along.


answered 22 Jun '15, 03:22

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The dates are highly unlikely to change but may change if some dire circumstance arise. I read about one cook off that was changed so that the students of a specific college can’t take part because they were having there end sems. So code chef guys are very helpful but it is still very highly unlikely.


answered 23 Jun '15, 23:24

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please re-read and edit your answer!

(04 Jul '15, 22:46) yash_155★
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