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Coder's Calendar - Android App for Coders [Update: Material-ish design]


A few weeks ago,I had posted about a Chrome and Firefox extension that I had created called Coder's Calendar which displayed a list of live and upcoming coding contests.(read about it here)

I've created and published an Android app of the same.

It is available for download here :

If you find the app to be useful,please rate or review it.

Star the project on Github to show your support:

- All Contests are sorted chronologically.
- Add contests as events to your calendar app.
- Let others know about contests using the share feature.
- View updates only from websites that you choose.
- Supports all popular platforms.

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions to make regarding the app,please comment below
or add it as an issue here :

If you would like to see any other website added,please let me know.

asked 26 Jun '15, 12:49

nishanth_v's gravatar image

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edited 05 Jul '15, 17:29

dows it support homescreen widget.. there is already a very nice coding calendar app on android but it does not have homescreen widget

(26 Jun '15, 20:55) ankursmooth3★

@ankursmooth : At present no. It does sound like a great idea! What would you want to have in the widget?

(26 Jun '15, 22:31) nishanth_v2★

@nishanth_v this app is already there with many features like reminder, notifications etc . you app is a good effort but seems to have nothing new.. For widget :add some(10-20) entries to your android calendar and then place calendar widget on your homescreen and you will see scrollable widget. if you can do the same to your app's widget then it will be really new feature and differentiate your app from the Coding calender app.

(27 Jun '15, 06:10) ankursmooth3★

I'll see what I can do

(27 Jun '15, 16:45) nishanth_v2★

I am using Coder calendar on firefox but it is not showing hackerearth contest ,in the settings i have added hackerearth also but then also it is no showing hackerearth contests.


answered 06 Jul '15, 07:54

somilgarg181's gravatar image

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It must have been a temporary server error.Or do you still have this problem?

(07 Jul '15, 09:36) nishanth_v2★

I am still having the error in my calendar none of the hackerearth contests are showing.

(07 Jul '15, 13:12) somilgarg1813★

Which version of the extension are you using?Is it v0.3.0.1-signed ? That is the current version.If not try updating it and let me know if the issue persists.

(07 Jul '15, 17:44) nishanth_v2★

Nice tips, thanks


answered 06 Jul '15, 15:52

elsa34's gravatar image

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