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Problem Link : Contest Practice

Author and Editorialist : Arun Prasad geek_geek




Modular Arithmetic,Combinatorics,Repeated Squaring


Given n items , find number of ways to choose k different items.


You have to find the value of nCk it will give you number of ways of choosing k items from n items print nCk % mod (mod = 1000000007)


nck = (n!)/((n-k)! * k!)

now you cannot store n! in an array as it can be very big instead you can store n!%mod in an array since mod is a prime number you have to use fermat's theorem to calculate the value of modular inverse of ((k!)%mod) and ((n-k)!%mod)

store the value of n!%mod in an array , and calculate inverse factorial for each n by using the formula

inv_factorial(n) = exp(n,mod-2,mod) (use repeated squaring for faster answers)

store all in an array

if n is greater tha k : nCk = (fact(n)inv_fact(n-k)inv_fact(k))%mod

if n is lesser than k

You cannot choose k items from n if k is greater than n

hence answer is 0

Solutions : Author's Solution

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