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Discussion about August Cook Off 2015

Hi All,

Let's use this question to have a general discussion about August Cook off. We can discuss here any feedback regarding quality of problems, any problems you face during the contest or any other issues.

First let's describe the entire panel of Cook Off.

  • Setter : Tasnim Imran Sunny
  • Tester : Istvan Nagy
  • Editorialist : Lalit Kundu
  • Russian Translator : Vitalii Kozhukhivski
  • Mandarin Translator : Hu Zecong
  • Proof reader : Rahul Arora
  • Contest Admin : Praveen Dhinwa (me)

Happy programming to all of you :)

Note: Please also note that top 50 Indians from this contest are eligible for ACM ICPC regionals reimbursement of registration and travel. Maximum amount refundable is 1500 Rs.

asked 23 Aug '15, 14:22

dpraveen's gravatar image

4★dpraveen ♦♦
accept rate: 20%

It has been written in the cookoff contest page that special sponsorship will be offered to top 50 Indian STUDENTS..But how will you distinguish the Indian students from those who are now not students or either not eligible for ICPC but are Indian?


answered 23 Aug '15, 16:39

sandeep9's gravatar image

accept rate: 4%

Editorial for DUALPAL will be uploaded soon. Due to some delay I wasn't able to write it down, plus, I have to discuss tester's approach also.

Thanks for bearing with the delay.


answered 24 Aug '15, 01:14

darkshadows's gravatar image

5★darkshadows ♦
accept rate: 12%

I hope so, was really trying to solve that one after the first two. But couldn't come up with an efficient solution. Thanks :-)

(24 Aug '15, 10:49) abcdexter242★

Can't even open contest problem page. I have submitted a solution for a question around 30 mins ago and don't even know the result of my submission. Can't access my recent activities in profile page.


answered 23 Aug '15, 22:46

shubhambhattar's gravatar image

accept rate: 23%


Its not a fair sponsorship round. Please fix site problems before hosting a contest or its better to host on other sites like hackerrank and codeforces. Its my request to cancel this round and host it again.


answered 24 Aug '15, 02:29

nxtbig's gravatar image

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