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[closed] Is the filtering feature in problem status page broke or it's just me?

I was trying to see if the problem Nikitosh and xor is solvable in Python and selecting a language seems to have no effect. Example

asked 07 Sep '15, 23:36

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closed 09 Sep '15, 14:35

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The question has been closed for the following reason "The question is answered, right answer was accepted. The issue is fixed." by admin 09 Sep '15, 14:35

@vamsi_ism Thanks for reporting this. There was an issue with the filters, which we have fixed. Please let us know if you face any such issue again. Thanks to @harry_1008 & @deathgun.

Ideally you should send an email to for speedier resolution of these bugs.


answered 09 Sep '15, 09:03

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edited 09 Sep '15, 14:35

Its happening for me too...I think its broken


answered 08 Sep '15, 00:16

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Yea I was also gonna ask the same question but didn't had enough Karma :P . Any type of filtering is not working in any question (sort by runtime, memory, result or language).


answered 08 Sep '15, 17:00

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I would suggest to add filtering on the basis of point also. Like 30, 70 and 100 points whichever is applicable for the problem.


answered 09 Sep '15, 12:30

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