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[closed] Where have I made mistake?

I am trying to solve this problem. I am checking from a given state, which subsets we can go to and finding sprague-grundy function. When I am printing the functions, I am getting wrong answer. It is correct for first sample test, but for the second one, it is incorrect.

My solution

p.s. I changed the last few lines in solve function (for variable ans), but I think last one wasn't incorrect as well

asked 09 Sep '15, 15:56

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closed 14 Sep '15, 08:31

The question has been closed for the following reason "Other" by dragonemperor 14 Sep '15, 08:31

Never mind. I got it. The function checking for sorting was checking in reverse order. So reverse-sorted arrays were considered sorted.


answered 14 Sep '15, 08:31

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