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WA brackets "()"

This query is related to the recent long challenge's codecracker question.Can anyone please tell me why solution failed and solution passed even though there is difference in brackets between (I&1)==(K&1) in the twelth line and everything else in the two solutions is the exact same??

asked 14 Sep '15, 21:50

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edited 14 Sep '15, 21:51

COMPRISON(==) operator has high precedence than BITWISE AND(&) check here.

In the WA solution l&1==k&1 it will be calculated l&(1==k)*1.

For the AC solution "()" do the right job for you as they have the high precedence.

Hope you understood the difference.


answered 14 Sep '15, 22:15

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edited 14 Sep '15, 22:17

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