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Codeforces k-Tree



I am unable to figure out why the above code (same logic as editorial) is leading to WA in test case 7. Could someone please help me identify where I am going wrong? I am guessing it's something to do with the mod, but not too sure.

asked 16 Sep '15, 17:21

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You need to change the 'int' dp[104][2] to 'long long' dp[104][2]. This is because the temporary result stored in dp[i][k] is of data type int which overflows and wraps around to give negative results and hence wrong answer.

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answered 17 Sep '15, 07:13

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edited 17 Sep '15, 07:13

Thanks @devilhector, I was making this mistake in another problem as well. Finally understood why the WA.

(17 Sep '15, 11:11) sandy9992★
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