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Why there is no submit button on problems of COOK62 in practice section??
You may check here

asked 21 Sep '15, 00:41

ankurverma1994's gravatar image

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Hey @ankurverma1994 : This issue was already fixed last night. The submit button is available and you can make the submissions :)

-Happy Coding !


answered 21 Sep '15, 16:19

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0★admin ♦♦
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I don't think problem has been fixed.
For example this question in practice section contains submit button
whereas the problem STACKS from yesterday's COOK-OFF doesn't contain submit button
Anyways I could still submit the solution like this

(21 Sep '15, 18:58) ankurverma19944★

@ankurverma1994 It has something to do with cache. Similar problem with me but on trying with a different browser, it is fixed.

(21 Sep '15, 20:07) vsp46★

@vsp4 Yes, may be you are right.

(22 Sep '15, 00:03) ankurverma19944★

answered 21 Sep '15, 00:43

rishivikram's gravatar image

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