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What is level graph and Blocking flow in Dinic's maxflow algorithm?

I am learning Dinic algorithm from max-flow here.I am not able to understand the terms Level graph and blocking flow any one help me.

asked 22 Sep '15, 06:57

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level graph means u r simply making a rooted tree where every node is at a shortest distance from root. also the sink is at a shortest possible level from the src.

blocking flow means after u convert the residual graph into a level graph u pass maximum flow through the level graph and when it becomes impossible to send any flow further for the current level graph.

then again u make another possible level graph

i learned it recently and solved few problem with it.


answered 25 May '16, 22:42

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provide the link to problems and some good resources to learn it.

(26 May '16, 07:44) arpit7281★
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