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icpc kolkata solution

Hey guys, Can anyone give an approach or link their soln for 2nd problem of icpc kolkata online round 'Finding Hardest Sum Value' ?

asked 03 Nov '15, 23:09

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Perform maximum sum subarray DP for each of the N*M points in all 4 directions. It can be done in O(4 * N * M) time. Now, iterate through each point in matrix, fixing it as meeting point of all 4 persons. Each point's optimal value can be found in O(1) time, using the already computed values. Find the best point and report its value


answered 04 Nov '15, 00:10

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Thanks.. Still new gotta learn more dp algos Btw that O(4 * N * M) time for computing subarrays for all n*m points?? Each direction max subarray dp will take O(N) time too right?? So should,nt it be O(4 * N * N * M )

(04 Nov '15, 21:00) sanket4074★
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