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SPOJ : BABY -java tle

Hey, /n Tried a O(2^n * n^2) soln. Got TLE. Then found a cpp soln online of O(2^n * n). Implemented in java and got TLE . Implemented in C and the same soln passed . Tested both on ideone with n=16 . \n java runtime=0.17s c runtime = 0.03s \n Why is there so much diff in runtimes of java and c ? Is there a better approach to this problem (java passable) ??

asked 21 Dec '15, 19:00

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hmm :| will have to switch to c for such tight time constraint problems


answered 23 Dec '15, 18:48

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nice explanation :)


answered 23 Dec '15, 16:08

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See you have to optimize your code a lot and have to use faster IO templates in JAVA for strict timelimit problems because JAVA is a slower language as compared to C/C++.

It takes much time in IO process.

Even i have faced such problems. Here it is.

JAVA solution : - (got TLE)

C solution : - (got accepted)

Better idea would be - you may go for C,C++ for such problems.

Happy coding. :)


answered 21 Dec '15, 19:45

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edited 21 Dec '15, 19:48

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