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problem implementing Dijkstra's single source shortest path algorithm

I am trying to implement Dijkstra's single source shortest path algorithm using priority queue data structure and I got stuck at some point.

I am using adjacency list representation of graph, I want to retrieve weight of edge(x,y) how to do it efficiently.

asked 16 Jan '16, 15:30

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answered 16 Jan '16, 17:45

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I am coding in java, I am not familiar with STL so I am not getting this code.

(16 Jan '16, 17:51) arpit7281★

I tried explaining the code here with usage of STL specifically. Take a look .

(16 Jan '16, 18:02) sarvagya39434★


why priority queue is declared like this priority_queue<pair<int,int> ,vector<pair<int,int> >pq;

why does it have vector in it.

(16 Jan '16, 20:58) arpit7281★

There are three parameters required here .
1. type of the elements (pair<int,int>)
2. Type of the internal underlying container object where the elements are stored.(that's what vector is used here for )
3. A binary predicate that takes two elements (of type T) as arguments and returns a bool.(this is optional, by default - max priority_queue )

(16 Jan '16, 23:02) sarvagya39434★
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