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Guidance for competitive programming

What topics should I focus on to solve problems on various contests(atleast 6-7 questions in long challenges on codechef)? What is the ideal way to approach problems. Also provide reference book or videos to study from.
Please share your own experience with the competitive programming, it will motivate me! And please take it as a discussion and nothing else.
thanks! :D

asked 08 Apr '16, 16:43

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Have a look at this article. I find it motivational too!

Hope it helps.


answered 10 Apr '16, 13:44

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Before coming to live contest make sure you have studied and practiced enough . Solve atleast 150 practice problems from spoj or codechef. Before coming to live contests, and when stuck learn the releavent topics from different websites. Its also good to go through a course on "Discrete Maths" to make your fundamentals strong.


answered 10 Apr '16, 17:11

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