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@admin on requirement of 60 karmas

why is it necessary to have 60 karmas to upload our code file in comment section.

asked 11 Apr '16, 17:59

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answered 30 Apr '17, 11:17

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go ahead .

(30 Apr '17, 11:24) mathecodician4★

Karma points represent user's reputation on this discussion forum. 60 karmas mean at least 6 upvotes or 4 accepted answers. This barrier is required so that anyone can't post an advertisement or abusive content. Same as you need at least 15 karma points to upvote a question/answer this barrier is important to keep this community clean.

60 karma points are not a big deal only one good answer can fetch you all of this or more.


answered 30 Apr '17, 11:05

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edited 01 May '17, 11:10

" Same as you need at least 15 karma points to ask a question"

15? I thought it was 3. Did the limit got updated or what?

(30 Apr '17, 11:58) vijju123 ♦♦4★
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