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Codechef Dropped my ratings, what should I do?

I was having two codechef account and during the contest April cook-off I made submission to the problem from both the acccounts. After the contest my rank was dropped from 6000 to 18000 for short contest and I received a email mentioning that my ratings are dropped with a contact no. I at that no. but they are not restoring my rank. what should I do??

And if nothing happened, how log it will take to restore my ratings by playing contests.

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asked 26 Apr '16, 09:10

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wikified 26 Apr '16, 09:10

Hey arpit728, As per our Code Of Conduct, "You shall not possess more than one account on CodeChef. If you have, then do let us know by sending an email to, so that we can deactivate the ones that you do not wish to use." Your small mistake is a clear violation of it. And hence your ratings have been dropped.

(26 Apr '16, 16:23) admin ♦♦0★


Why my ratings are not being restored.

(26 Apr '16, 16:34) arpit7281★

There must be an email id as well in the mail u received!!!!!!!! u can write a mail giving valid reasons of u being innocent!!!! and then u cn wait for the ratings to be restored back!!!


answered 26 Apr '16, 10:34

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The same thing happened with me too, it has been over a month since I sent them an email saying that I am innocent, but my ratings still haven't been restored!


answered 26 Apr '16, 14:06

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