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[closed] When are the ratings updated after a long contest?


I have appeared on the first long contest(first contest) on Codechef, but my ratings are still being shown NA. Can I know when the ratings will be updated as I am constantly refreshing the page to see if my ratings are updated or not?


asked 15 Apr '13, 21:32

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closed 17 Apr '13, 20:02

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The question has been closed for the following reason "updated" by bugkiller 17 Apr '13, 20:02

ratings updated.. Cheers..!!


answered 16 Apr '13, 20:24

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Usually the ratings are updated within 15 minutes of the end of the contest . But I guess this time it may be delayed due to reports of cheating : Refer the above two threads. I am also waiting for the ratings update . Cheers and best of luck here on CodeChef . Happy coding .


answered 15 Apr '13, 21:38

vineetpaliwal's gravatar image

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Thanks! Can i know the maximum delay it may take, if you have some idea.

(15 Apr '13, 21:56) anunay_arunav3★

may be one or two days @anunay_arunav

(15 Apr '13, 22:01) amitupadhyay2★

Thats too long! Thanks anyways, @amitupadhyay

(15 Apr '13, 22:08) anunay_arunav3★

I guess we should ask the admins . If you have to contact the admins , then you should mail at or . For this query I am mailing the admins now ??

(15 Apr '13, 22:11) vineetpaliwal6★

@vineetpaliwal Please share your answers if you get the reply.

(15 Apr '13, 22:17) anunay_arunav3★

yes , sure i will if they reply me personally . I have given a link to this thread to the admin's on the email and asked them to reply me here only .

(15 Apr '13, 22:19) vineetpaliwal6★
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@vineetpaliwal sir any official word from the admins??? Any clue when the ratings will be updated.


answered 16 Apr '13, 18:05

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@viaan , @anunay_arunav : The ratings are already updated . The admins did email me when the ratings were updated instead of replying here . Anyways you can check your ratings now . If you still don't see your ratings updated , email directly to and . My rating has been successfully updated . The reason for delay is the same , they were busy catching cheaters .


answered 17 Apr '13, 12:01

vineetpaliwal's gravatar image

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thanks! i checked last night only!

(17 Apr '13, 13:06) anunay_arunav3★

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