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July Cook Off CHEFIHG question

I have a doubt regarding this question. It was mentioned that we can choose any non prohibited cell as the starting point. To reach C any of the U,D,L,R should be non prohibited. So, if I just start from any non prohibited cell that lies either U,or D,or L, or R of 'C' and then just take it to C using single instruction, why am I getting WA? Pardon me if I understood the question wrong.

asked 25 Jul '16, 21:07

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Well you are considering some cells one by one and taking each of them to cell 'C' while doing this one by one , the other cells might get displaced from the original positions.


answered 25 Jul '16, 21:22

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No, I am just checking the cells around C. If any of them are not prohibited, then I am printing the corresponding instruction.

Example 5 6






In this cell 2 2 is not prohibited. So, I choose my starting city as 2 2 and then just move 'R'.

where + represents *


answered 25 Jul '16, 23:22

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edited 25 Jul '16, 23:39

C should be reached in traversing path you give by ans from every'.' eg 5 6





++++++ you can reach C by going right 'R' from 1,1 L from 1,3

LL from 1,4

U from 2,2

and so on

lets assume your ans is UDLRUDLR then for every '.' check if traversing along this path ,you travel to 'C' atleast once


answered 26 Jul '16, 00:17

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