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Regarding submission running times


So I have a quick question. For example, in a contest submission, I pass all the test cases within the time limit. But, let's say one passed really closely regarding time limit. Limit is 2 seconds and mine runs 1.85 second.

Will there be additional test cases after the contest, before the final leader-board calculation? If there is, what happens if my code cannot make it under 2 seconds in one of those additional cases. (assuming there are)


EDIT: So I see that in rules there is mention of rejudging only for the tie-breaker problem. So, there is no rejudging for normal problems right?

asked 04 Sep '16, 01:27

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edited 04 Sep '16, 02:18

Yes, there is only rejudging for tie-breaker problems. And for the tie-breaker if the other person's code pass the additional test case and your code don't, he will be given higher rank than you....


answered 04 Sep '16, 09:08

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Ok thanks, so I got confused because some other contest sites do rejudging for all problems. Thanks.

(04 Sep '16, 18:51) elasolova353★
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