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[closed] Doubt in Tree Queries

I have been read about basics data structures and algorithms for arrays and matrices. I have also also done some basic graphs algorithms, as mention in "geeksforgeeks". Basic array querying using Segment tree is also done.

But I have facing problems on visualising tree queries. Can anyone suggest some tutorials for it and what kind of data structures are required for it?

asked 04 Sep '16, 11:31

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closed 05 Feb '18, 04:07

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answered 04 Sep '16, 20:19

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You should really give this a try : VisuAlgo

It allows you to visualise a lot of common algorithms and data structures. You can even play around ,put in your own values, run queries, and see the way the queries are executed on the data structure.

It is a very helpful tool, specially for beginners like us to understand the inner working of these ds correctly.

I hope this was helpful


answered 04 Sep '16, 11:51

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Thank you so much.

(04 Sep '16, 12:23) error_503_4042★

One can also refer to this thread :


answered 17 Sep '16, 16:38

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