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Size of Segment Tree

About the space needed for segment tree, i came across the following equation

N = (ceil)((log(N) / log(2)) + 1)
size = 1 << N

interesting part is , the formula used natural logarithms, i.e, base 'e'. I also read that upper limit of space required for segment tree is (4 * size of array)

1) How to justify/derive this formula 2) How this formula maximum value is 4 ?

asked 16 Sep '16, 14:42

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Important to note, $\text{log}_2(N)=\text{log}_e(N)/\text{log}_e(2)$ so $(\text{ceil})((\text{log}_e(N) / \text{log}_e(2)) + 1) = (\text{ceil})(\text{log}_2(N)+1)$. So what you have there has nothing to do with the natural logarithm, it is just written in a strange way.

(04 Dec, 16:45) gorre_morre7★

Let's take the example of having the length of the array that you're creating the segment tree as a power of 2 .

length of array, $ len = 2^x $

Now in this case the number of nodes in its segment tree is $1 + 2 + 4 ... 2^x = 2^{x+1} -1$

Therefore number of nodes in segment tree = $2*number\ of\ leaf\ nodes$ (Excluded the minus one since it's just a constant)

Now let's take the case when $len$ is not a power of 2 In this case the segment number of leaf nodes = $2^{log(len)+1}$

Therefore total number of nodes in the segment tree = $2*number\ of\ leaf\ nodes$ = $2 * 2^{log(len)+1}$ = $2^{log(len)+2}$ = $4 * len$


answered 16 Sep '16, 16:37

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The base e is added by us for convenience. We know that ln(a)/ln(b) is log(a) with base (b)...Thus, we can easily remove the base e and work with base 2 if we want to...


answered 05 Mar, 00:24

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The correct formula would be

int nextPowOf2 = (int)round(pow(2, ceil(log2(arraySize))));

int treeSize = 2 * nextPowOf2 - 1;

answered 05 Mar, 01:03

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For anyone who stumbles upon this question later, I found this answer a little bit more helpful.



answered 02 Dec, 19:18

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The same question was asked in the interview of topbestof.


answered 05 Dec, 21:10

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