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week test cases in TAASEQ problem of sept cook-off

in taaseq of cook74 many solution were giving wrong answer on 1 4 2 3 6 10

@admin please update the test cases and rejudge all solution

asked 19 Sep '16, 00:44

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edited 06 Oct '16, 15:43

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First of all, it is unethical to rejudge any solution after the contest is over (if not stated before the contest). There goes a lot of efforts by people to carefully generate the test cases to cover the whole domain. But still it is impossible for most of question to generate and test all possible case. And sometimes cases may be missed. In this case benefit goes to the user. So even if you really find a case where someones code is giving wrong answer, Codechef will and should avoid rejudging it. You can still point out the case if you found one but don't waste time to request for rejudging.

I misunderstood your case, So your case is:



2 3 6 10

and hence answer should be 3. I thought your case to be:



1 4 2 3 6 10


answered 19 Sep '16, 01:19

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edited 19 Sep '16, 01:24

@spinovations you can check many accepted solution is giving ans 3.

(19 Sep '16, 01:28) anshuljain624★

I agree with @spinovations. Even my solution is one of those, which isn't complete and is giving WA in cases posted by someone on another Question. I too feel that what happened is wrong. However, rejudging of submissions AFTER the contest is equally bad, since those who submitted a bad solution won't get a chance to improve their algorithm. So, demanding for rejudging the submissions isn't the right thing to do. You have posted your problem, let CodeChef handle the rest. We all have been getting involved in their contests for quite a while, so let's have faith in what they do will be right.


answered 19 Sep '16, 01:50

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edited 19 Sep '16, 01:53

Correctly quoted.

(19 Sep '16, 15:37) likecs6★

Atleast nothing can be done now, but to improve the experience of other users and yourself too, codechef has come up with a brilliant solution. Go through this blog:

I ask everyone to contribute their bit towards it to make the experience of programming much better.


answered 19 Sep '16, 22:08

error_503_404's gravatar image

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The expected answer is -1, right ?


answered 19 Sep '16, 00:50

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@akshayvenkat97 expected answer is 3 but this code is giving -1

(19 Sep '16, 00:53) anshuljain624★

how is the expected answer 3 ?


answered 19 Sep '16, 00:59

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after removing 3 "2 6 10" is AP

(19 Sep '16, 01:12) anshuljain624★

Yes, my solution has also cleared all present test cases while it is giving WA on following test case: 1 4 2 3 6 10 My output : -1 Correct Output : 3 Because removing 3 from array will make it an AP sequence.


answered 19 Sep '16, 01:11

ujjwal_k23's gravatar image

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edited 19 Sep '16, 01:25

i found many other solution also failing on similar test-cases

(19 Sep '16, 01:14) anshuljain624★
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