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3D DP question

please help me to understand 3D dynamic programming like some basic question of it with explanation, link is also fine thank you

asked 27 Sep '16, 19:25

vijayiota77's gravatar image

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I had did my first dp question on codeforces which uses 3D array. Here is the link : In this I had used a 3D dp array for memoization. In my solution dp[i][j][k] will represent the number of the minimum amount of paint needed to colour the first i trees such that it has beauty j and the i-th tree is colored by colour k. U can see the editorial for more details which is in the name of "Tutorial" on the bottom right corner. Happy coding ;)


answered 28 Sep '16, 02:39

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edited 28 Sep '16, 02:41

thank you.

(28 Sep '16, 19:26) vijayiota774★

This 3d dp problem is really nice and it will surely provide you the clarity


answered 29 Sep '16, 10:25

arunnsit's gravatar image

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yes its 3d dp

(29 Sep '16, 16:01) vijayiota774★

if one give some question from geeksforgeeks ,or some other platform?


answered 29 Sep '16, 16:02

vijayiota77's gravatar image

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