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multi level inheritence java

class Super1

    int x=1;

class Super2 extends Super1

    int x=2;

class SuperTest extends Super2

    int x=4;

    void show()




    public static void main(String args[]) 
        SuperTest t = new SuperTest();;


how can i acces x of super1 class

asked 26 May '12, 17:09

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edited 26 May '12, 18:08

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5★ritesh_gupta ♦

Threads that @ritesh_gupta is writing about are about methods and while methods are virtual it is a problem, but there is no problem to access x from Super1.

System.out.println( ((Super1)this).x );

answered 26 May '12, 20:17

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Sorry i did n't consider that . @betlista is absolutely correct:).Can be done directly using System.out.println( ((Super1)this).x );

(26 May '12, 22:06) ritesh_gupta ♦5★

Exactly. Methods are overridden during inheritance, not instance variables. Accessing an instance variable from its subclass can be made possible with a simple cast.

(27 May '12, 00:38) adityatj2★

Methods and instance variables are overridden in exactly the same manner during inheritence. For example, if you had a superclass method which was overridden in each of the subclasses, then to make a call to the method in the topmost class, we must use a similar cast.


answered 18 Jun '12, 10:58

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You are not correct. Let's assume this class hierarchy

public class Main {
    public static void main( final String[] args ) {
        final BA instance = new BA();
        ( (A) instance ).foo(); // prints "BA"

class A {
    void foo() {
        System.out.println( "A" );

class BA extends A {
    void foo() {
        System.out.println( "BA" );

you can try, that this really prints BA and it's not possible to call using BA instance !!!

(18 Jun '12, 13:43) betlista ♦♦3★

I had an instantiation like A instance = new BA(); ( (A) instance ).foo();

in mind. You are right it still prints BA.

Thanks for the correction. :)

(18 Jun '12, 14:40) teli0★
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