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Graph Theory

Can any coder help me!
I am not good in graph theory
Can anybody tell me from where i can study graph theory
Note:- You can also explain me.

asked 03 Nov '16, 19:30

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First read the Topcoder tuorial about Graphs :

Topcoder Tutorial

Then begin with questions with increasing difficulty.

Questions can be found here :

1) Spoj Problems (Go for the particular tag that you want , eg. Graph Theory , BFS , DFS ) . The tags or on the top right.

2) Hackerearth Graph Questions ( Here the questions are divided topic-wise and are given according to difficulty. )

If you have a doubt in any topic ask a question here.

You can also watch videos from this youtube channel for clearing your concepts nicely. Tushar Roy Graph Playlist

The topcoder tutorial guides you section-wise. Follow that.


answered 03 Nov '16, 19:52

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There is a book called reema thareja u can start with this book to develop basic understanding & to make your concepts clear later on u can go through the heckerrank & top coder for excellence in graph theory.


answered 03 Nov '16, 20:01

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Get started with the IARCS web site. It contains the minimal and sufficient amount of information to get started with any topic. Also now they have included videos from ACM India Council president Mr. Madhavan Mukund. These videos are also available as a course on NPTEL. The requirement of this course is that you should know some basic programming language. For this you could have a course by the same person on Python this course also discusses coding of various algorithms.

I recently completed these and the graph section was really nice

If you work with c++ i will suggest you to work out with STL it really shortens your burden of coding stacks queue lists etc. required for graphs. Also you can use the STL reference.

These all are are really nice resources.You could practice on IARCS judge. It contains just 44 questions and after doing them you will have had a background for most of the types of problem in graphs as well as other topics and then you are ready to compete.

All the best. Pls upvote this answer if you find it useful.For further querries comment below.


answered 03 Nov '16, 20:05

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These are some of the useful tutorials ....



Also refer to answers on a similar question in quora

Happy Coding ...


answered 03 Nov '16, 23:35

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I would recommend you to go on given links and start from basics with practice question, and after completing this go to hackerearth and chose domain graph ( and complete the tutorials and solve some easy problem it is not necessary to solve all the problems. Watch the tutorials of TUSHAR ROY on youtube ( if you are not able to understand some algorithms). After all this just solve the problems on by choosing the category graph.


answered 03 Nov '16, 23:55

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