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Writing Interactors and Checkers on Codechef

I'm having trouble writing interactors on codechef platform. Can anyone who has written an interactor for a codechef problem show a sample of an interactor? Thanks.

UPD : I'm also facing problems on writing a working checker.

UPD : For writing an interactor, I used #include "spoj_interactive.h", but even including this header throws errors about some variables being already defined.

asked 22 Nov '16, 13:30

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edited 23 Nov '16, 07:18

What is an interactor?


answered 22 Nov '16, 13:33

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Look at the interactive problems. You need to write a program (for the judge side) that can read the participant's input and output accordingly.

(22 Nov '16, 13:39) zscoder6★

Oh like the RESTPERM at the last lunchtime.

(22 Nov '16, 14:00) mathecodician6★

Yes, that's one example of an interactive problem.

(22 Nov '16, 14:04) zscoder6★
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