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Data Structures for INOI!!

So most people say that the most important things for INOI and dp and graphs but what are the most import data structures?

asked 21 Dec '16, 13:58

mathecodician's gravatar image

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Arrays and strings are by far the most important data structures in INOI Boring? Maybe. Important? Yes.

The most important non-trivial data structure in INOI is the hash map because of its versatility and constant-time operations. If you don't know how to use a hash map, learn now.

Next in line are linked lists, stacks, queues, and trees. You need to know these inside and out.

In the next tier are graphs, priority queues, and heaps. You should still know these, but they appear more rarely.

In the bottom tier are lesser known data structures like bit sets, tries, disjoint sets, specific cache implementations, etc. It doesn't hurt to prepare for some of these, although they appear most rarely.

And yes map, unordered map.


answered 21 Dec '16, 21:36

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edited 21 Dec '16, 21:37

As you have correctly stated dp and graphs are most popular type of problems so data structures related to these also become important i.e Arrays (for dp) and stacks,queues,trees,adjacency list/matrix, priority queues etc. (for graphs) . Knowing about these inside out is critical and first thing to learn but equally important is the fact that how you use Data Stuctures in libraries built in for your language (eg using Sets maps etc. Built in STL). Apart from this you may check out bitset in STL it is sometimes quite useful.


answered 22 Dec '16, 22:45

diveshuttam's gravatar image

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The most you may require is sets and maps according to me


answered 21 Dec '16, 15:34

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Seeing you active after long time at the Forum.Can you give more idea on how should i prepare for this 20 days for INOI.

(21 Dec '16, 15:39) coder_voder2★

Just chill.... don't panic, and don't ignore any subtask in INOI (I didnt get to IOITC last yr bcoz of this :( )

(22 Dec '16, 21:45) anupam_datta4★

Stacks, Queues, Priority Queue, Heaps.


answered 21 Dec '16, 14:45

coder_voder's gravatar image

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Do you know of some tutorials

(21 Dec '16, 15:09) mathecodician5★

Yeah dear for Stacks & Queues i would suggest also you can look at tutorials for Heaps there is also tutorials.

(21 Dec '16, 15:21) coder_voder2★

I don't that there is enough time to understand how they work and also how they are implemented so can you give me some tutorials on using inbuilt data structures.

(21 Dec '16, 17:04) mathecodician5★

Didn't get you, Can you be more clearer?

(21 Dec '16, 18:44) coder_voder2★

What about containers section of this

(21 Dec '16, 18:46) coder_voder2★

Yes, but remember the priority_queue is somewhat different than what you'd expect

(21 Dec '16, 20:24) teracoder2★

@mathecodician you may also ask the same question by sending a mail to

(21 Dec '16, 21:40) coder_voder2★
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I think knowing about Disjoint Set datastructure (UFDS) may also be helpful.


answered 21 Dec '16, 15:31

aneesh2312's gravatar image

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Stacks, Queued, Heaps, Hashing and graph is also important in my opinion.


answered 21 Dec '16, 18:23

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