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INOI practice contests

With only a couple of weeks to go, I would like the codechef admin to please make the solutions of the INOI practice contest visible.Since there are no awards, I don't see any harm in making the solutions visible. It would help us get know the actual solutions and also help us identify any edge cases that we may have missed and so might have been struggling on a single problem for a long time.

I would also request you to hold some practice contests( 1 or 2 maybe) with problems like those on INOI to help us prepare better in a time bound environment.

asked 26 Dec '16, 12:06

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Rajarshi_basu I had asked codechef to do the same a week and they did it about 3-4 days ago. Regarding practice contests I had messaged them today. I also recommend you writing a mail to them.

(26 Dec '16, 14:49) mathecodician6★

Regarding making solutions visible, they have already done that! You can go to any problem, click 'All Submissions' and you can see the list of all the solutions made for that problem and you can also 'view' them.

The idea of a practice contest is really great. That would definitely help us in our preparation for INOI :)


answered 26 Dec '16, 13:42

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edited 26 Dec '16, 13:46

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