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[closed] Will STL docs will be provided during INOI?

Will stl docs be provided during INOI and if yes then can someone give the link to that stl docs?

asked 29 Dec '16, 20:38

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closed 18 Mar '17, 19:58

The question has been closed for the following reason "The question is answered, right answer was accepted" by mathecodician 18 Mar '17, 19:58

Above is the link to the official stl site. Offline vesion of that site is what will be available. You can download the same from the download section on the site.


answered 29 Dec '16, 23:35

diveshuttam's gravatar image

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Yes STL is provided during INOI.


answered 29 Dec '16, 23:12

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Which STL version should i download? and does version really matters in INOI?


answered 31 Dec '16, 17:39

aim_ioi's gravatar image

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The downloaded file don't work out.I mean it contains only header files and some files whose extensions are unknown.

(31 Dec '16, 18:09) aim_ioi2★

You could download this and extract it. It's really old though and has nothing C++11

(31 Dec '16, 18:33) teracoder2★

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