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Can someone please provide me with Editorial of Problem BASE (December Long Challenge 2016)

Contest Problem: here

Practice Problem: here

Also the link for the Editorail doesn't works (

asked 21 Feb '17, 17:47

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First of all, for N=1 answer is INFINITY and for N=0 answer is 0.
For all other values of N :-
We can find all the bases for what representation of N starts with 1 and there are d digits in the representation.
For this bd<=N and 2×bd>N.
This can be written as b<=N(1/d) and b>(N/2)(1/d).
Simply using pow function gives precision errors here so we have to use binary search instead.
Now you can do two binary searches on b for numbers from 1 to 10(12/d) for the above two conditions for all possible d.
Here d can be at most 40 as 240 > 1012


answered 21 Feb '17, 18:18

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I saw a solution and the following code was written what does that means m=pow(n,(1/(double)j)+1e-15); k=pow(n/2,(1/(double)j)+1e-15);


answered 15 Mar '17, 14:38

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@manas321 this statement m and k gives the range...and when u go deeply in this question,u will derive an formula that u have to find the range between m and k.Here m is equal to the power of n^(1/j) nd k denotes power of (n/2)^(1/j)..nd abve statement of finding the power finds an accurate value as m=pow(n,(1/(double)j)+1e-15)..otherwise there seems to be an error in finding ranges..u can see my solution to understand clearly.


answered 15 Mar '17, 15:25

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