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Suggestion for publishing editorials

@admin It would be very beneficial if editorials are linked to the contest page after the contest ends(like it is done codeforces). It gets difficult to search for editorials in forum.

asked 22 Feb '17, 16:10

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Yes @vijju is right you can always find the editorial(if exists) link in the problem description area.

You can see in attached screenshot.

alt text


answered 22 Feb '17, 19:08

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edited 22 Feb '17, 20:47

Admin always puts the link of relevant editorial. Please be sure before posting any question like that. If there is any question which has been left then you can ask to the author or admin in the editorial of that particular question.


answered 22 Feb '17, 16:15

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I always find editorial link in the problem. I assume you didn't know. Its below where the stats of Q is given, look closely!


answered 22 Feb '17, 17:37

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