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Too Long For Ratings

March's Long is starting from tomorrow and till now the ratings haven't been updated. How long will it take for the ratings? admin dpraveen

asked 02 Mar '17, 23:59

deepansh_946's gravatar image

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Ratings are updated now.

(03 Mar '17, 13:10) only44★

They are facing technical difficulties in plagiarism detector. Impatience of contestants s no valid reason that an issue as serious as plagiarism could be compromised. Hence, I humbly request you to wait, give them time to sort things up. :)


answered 03 Mar '17, 00:05

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5★vijju123 ♦♦
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ratings are updated


answered 03 Mar '17, 13:06

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edited 03 Mar '17, 14:07

I cannot understand that why all my correct answers are being deleted from February challenge and my ratings are being drastically reduced in spite of solving 4 questions. Done so much of hard work and what is this??


answered 03 Mar '17, 15:39

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You seem to have been caught in the plagiarism tests.

(03 Mar '17, 15:43) utkarsh19974★

If suppose my friend has copied my code..then is there any chance that i will also have to suffer? Or only the one who has copied is considered?

(03 Mar '17, 15:51) deepak_d144★


What we can determine is if two codes are copied or not. We cannot actually see who copied whose (as far as my knowledge is concerned) and hence BOTH OF THEM lose ratings. Action is taken against BOTH.

Codechef explicitly mentions that its YOUR responsibility to see that your code does not get copied


answered 03 Mar '17, 15:58

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5★vijju123 ♦♦
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edited 03 Mar '17, 15:59

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