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Hello, I just submitted a relatively naive solution to the SCHEDULE problem of MARCH17. It was accepted for 100 points. I think that the test cases for this problem are weak. Could the problem setters please look into it?

asked 08 Mar '17, 08:56

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closed 08 Mar '17, 19:14

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5★errichto ♦♦

@vijju123 explained everything I think. I'm closing the topic and will open it after the contest. I've just answered your comment (under the problem) - it's hidden for others though FYI.


answered 08 Mar '17, 19:14

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5★errichto ♦♦
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I was supposed to reopen the topic and I forgot about it, sorry. Opening now.

Indeed, the solution of the author of this topic is $O(n^2)$ but it passed all tests. We are sorry about. New tests were added after the contest. You can try to solve the problem in practice now.


answered 15 Mar '17, 19:43

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Means its now more difficult? 'horrified look'

(15 Mar '17, 19:45) vijju123 ♦♦5★

Not more difficult to solve the problem correctly. But yeah, more difficult to pass tests ;p

(15 Mar '17, 19:57) errichto ♦♦5★

nlogn solution getting time 0.05s makes sense now. :)

(16 Mar '17, 03:39) dushsingh19954★

Precisely. Thank you @errichto. I was wondering if my understanding of the upper bound was incorrect.

(16 Mar '17, 03:53) rohan1232★

Don't post this here dear, post it under the comments section of the concerned problem. The problem setters will themselves answer your query there. (while it might be possible that your post goes ignored here, at discuss forums).

Furthermore, its not allowed to discuss anything regarding contest and problems, not even the fact that your solution worked or what was its time complexity. It might act as hint for some people. Its against the rules of codechef. We have got to be fair.

So please submit your query at the comments of concerned problem, and wait for 1-2 days. The problem setter would personally update you on your query. :)


answered 08 Mar '17, 10:04

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5★vijju123 ♦♦
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edited 08 Mar '17, 10:05


Noted. Will do.

(08 Mar '17, 13:27) rohan1232★

Thanks for understanding my POV dear. They usually take a day or two to reply, but they definitely address the concern ^_^

(08 Mar '17, 13:43) vijju123 ♦♦5★
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