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Decrease in Codechef ratings

A codechef user not solved any problem in January challange only saw the problems his codechef rating is decreased. Is it possible ?.

I want to know how rating is changes .

asked 11 Mar '17, 10:52

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I don't think rating would change unless you take part in the contest and make any submissions.


answered 11 Mar '17, 11:09

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A user is said to be have participated in or attempted a contest , if he makes a submission ( irrespective of whether its successful or unsuccessful ) .

So yes, if the user has attempted some problems , that is tried but submitted unsuccessful sumbmissions ; he is considered for rating and his rating decreases.

Another case might be that he did solve the problems successfuly ; but was caught by plagiarism detector ; and then his record of successful submission gets deleted and his rating decreases.

However, if a user doesn't make a single sumbmission in the contest , he is not considered for rating .

Hope this clears.


answered 11 Mar '17, 11:12

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