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How do I get email notification for contest running/starting on codechef?

I always miss contests running on codechef other then cookoff and long contest. I do get email notifications for these two, but never come to know about other contest untill I see somebody submitted some solution. And then I realize the contest is already over!

How can I subscribe for a email notification for every contest starting on codechef?

asked 14 Mar '12, 00:50

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edited 14 Mar '12, 02:32

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I think codechef doesn't mail their user base directly for external contests as that might be felt as spamming by many. If an external contest is close enough to their regular contest then they couple it up with their regular announcement sometimes.

If you don't want to miss other contests going on codechef then follow them on and/or keep checking the page regularly.


answered 14 Mar '12, 02:09

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answered 20 Apr '17, 20:02

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+1 for gultus's answer. All I would like to add is there is an event calendar as well on our site which can be used to keep track of the contests on CodeChef.


answered 14 Mar '12, 02:30

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It'd be grateful, if you can start a notification on mail service or notification on one's home page, I mostly miss out on contests due to lack of knowledge about the same.

(13 Jan '15, 23:05) sidgupta2342★

@admin or if you can launch an app(codechef calender maybe :) )which can notify user..


answered 14 Jan '15, 02:03

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answered 20 Apr '17, 18:27

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answered 10 Jul '17, 15:14

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I use this app:

It's pretty cool and helpful and shows competitions of all sites and you can add a reminder to your mobile's calendar app with a single click. Open it once a week and set your reminders


answered 10 Jul '17, 20:55

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