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Abacus'17-OLPC Geek Tree Solution

Hello, the contest Abacus'17 has just finished. Can somebody tell how to solve the problem, Geek Tree.

link -

asked 18 Mar '17, 00:01

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answered 18 Mar '17, 01:59

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This u can do easily bu using a dfs and BIT or segment tree.Basically as u go into a branch during dfs u update the node value in BIT.Then u do a search for all values in the range [s-k,s+k] in the ancestors where "s" is the current node value because all those values will be counted as pairs with s. Here is when u will use BIT to find this value:


U find this in O(log n).Then update this current node's value in BIT before going to its children. By doing this u can find the answer for all vertices and hence for the whole subtree.

See my code for reference :

Happy coding ;)


answered 18 Mar '17, 00:50

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Thanks although I don't know BIT or segment trees yet. So, I'll probably try this problem later.

(18 Mar '17, 01:06) mathecodician6★

Can you please elaborate your answer? What will you get in ans after performing this query? And why there is a need of update in this offline query?

(18 Mar '17, 01:38) bansal12325★

Can someone tell the solution for this problem too :


answered 18 Mar '17, 00:11

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In this problem,try drawing a matrix to come up with a solution. You will observe a pattern.

If u still can't figure it out, tell me and I'll tell u the full solution.


answered 18 Mar '17, 00:21

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Okay I will try Thanks :)

(18 Mar '17, 00:27) tihorsharma1232★
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