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some suggestions to codechef team ...

i am new here .. just 3 months old. i felt some things inconvenient. i suggest following ...

1) like Google Code Jam ... if there are levels for each question, then we will get to know if our approach is correct or not in small input level.. then we can go for next level.

2) i work on the editor directly... when i get errors .. i have to go to my submissions and copy my code and modify and again submit... instead if i get errors and solution on same page and if i have edit option then it will be much appreciated.

Hope to get some reply ...

asked 12 May '13, 12:55

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well, regarding the first point, in most of the GCJ small data sets, brute force seems a quick solution (in writing), so that decreases the chance that users will actually think about the algorithm.

(12 May '13, 14:13) bugkiller3★

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answered 28 May '13, 18:07

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edited 28 May '13, 18:07

User Interface is not good. It would be good if the site has some good UI. I really like the site and its quality questions but its UI is the Only one thing I don't like. PLEASE see this issue.


answered 09 Sep '16, 13:24

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Ur site really has the bunch of good questions,But i felt for practice problems you display which test cases are running and which are giving errors.this will be really helpfull for beginners

hope to get reply soon


answered 09 Sep '16, 19:44

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