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[closed] CLIQUED weak test cases

Problem CLIQUED of long Challenge APRIl 2017 has weak test cases.

I request admin/Problem setter/tester to either look into any of my solution which passed for 45 points or tell me where we can discuss it.

asked 09 Apr '17, 21:13

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closed 09 Apr '17, 21:48

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The question has been closed for the following reason "Question is related to ongoing contest" by errichto 09 Apr '17, 21:48

It is ALREADY declared dear, that any discrepancy etc. is to be bought to notice in the comment's section of the problem. The admin panel themselves will discuss the issue with you.

(The thing is, they also said its against rules to discuss such things on discuss, and must be reported only at comment's section. So yeah, its better to ask there. :) )


answered 09 Apr '17, 21:38

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ok cool...

(09 Apr '17, 21:44) ashwanigautam3★

Good that you understood it! :)

(09 Apr '17, 21:47) vijju123 ♦♦4★

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