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How to prepare to win any coding contest?

I mean prerequisites.

asked 21 Apr '17, 03:28

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edited 21 Apr '17, 03:28


Really? Do you have no access to google? please at least give time to search your query first at google. There are plenty of answers available.

(21 Apr '17, 12:36) bansal12325★

@bansal1232 Ha ha ha

(21 Apr '17, 13:21) rohit_jere_rj3★

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answered 21 Apr '17, 09:11

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You should search the forum once, many great coders have answered this question pretty well.

Also, please specify a few things like your experience with coding, what you know and what you don't, what topics you are well equipped with or any other stuff which would help us know your current condition. We can provide apt answers to you after that :).


answered 21 Apr '17, 12:29

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answered 21 Apr '17, 07:30

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