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SnackDown 2017 Teams To Watch

We are less than 24 Hours away from the SnackDown 2017 Online Qualifier and the excitement levels here at CodeChef are soaring high. So, we thought we will share our excitement with you, by sharing some exciting team combinations to watch out for in tomorrow’s qualifying round. But these are just few of the teams that we fetched if you know any team that you think can do wonders this SnackDown, do let us know and we will include them on this list. Let’s see how close we can get in predicting the SnackDown 2017 Champion even before the final announcement.

Sr. No. Team Name Member 1 Member 2
1 acrush_tc Tiancheng Lou -
2 singleminded Carsten Eilks -
3 dreamoon_shik Huang I-Wen Ting Wei Chen
4 ssu_tglsu Maxim Finyutin Dan Sagunov
5 team_sua Lin, Xi Sebastian King
6 namekata Koichi Namekata autumn_eel
7 mclg Mark Chen Lewin Gan
8 dragoon_nfssdq Md. Nafis Sadique Md Mahbubul Hasan
9 pavelteam Pavel Zeman -
10 simplicissimus xuyinzhan sevenkplus

asked 19 May '17, 19:36

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Where is tourist?


answered 19 May '17, 19:50

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yes where is tourist?


answered 19 May '17, 20:23

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No Indians to watch out for? Rajat De, Sumeet Varma ??


answered 19 May '17, 20:27

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Sumeet varma and rajat are busy in world finals


answered 19 May '17, 20:30

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edited 19 May '17, 20:30

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