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Help me in blocked website please.

Hi iam pcpa1kalyan. I had asked a question about blocked websites problem a week ago. Since then i tried to optimize my question a lot. This is the current version of my code. It is not passing only in 3 test cases now. I can't find a way out. Please someone point out the bug in my code.

Here is my code

asked 28 May '17, 12:00

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edited 29 May '17, 09:14

Try to bump the old thread you created next time. The info there could be of help.

(28 May '17, 12:10) vijju123 ♦♦5★

hey vijju, I am not getting what you have meant. Could you elaborate?

(29 May '17, 08:06) pcpa1kalyan2★

Bro, Simply go and watch this video on trie and then try to implement it yourself. If still having problem this is my solution :- I also solved it after watching this video on basic of tries. If still having problem comment it down below.


answered 28 May '17, 12:50

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Hey Bro, Thanks a lot for your nice advice. Instead of using tries, I have approached the problem in a different manner. It involves some hashing and a lot of "greediness". My algorithm is perfect so far. But it has some bug which is making my algorithm to fail in 3 test cases when I submit it. I tried a lot but can't find that bug.Any help in this regard would be a great relief for me. Because I am stuck with this problem for almost a week. Anyways, I'll definitely learn about tries. Thank you!!!!!!!

(29 May '17, 09:24) pcpa1kalyan2★

@pcpa1kalyan can't see your code, say's access denied


answered 28 May '17, 12:32

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Hi @Abhishel, You can see my code up there now. Thank you friend.

(29 May '17, 09:15) pcpa1kalyan2★
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