A few tips to get faster response for your problem


I have been analyzing the unanswered questions in this category (and over larger discuss as well) to see what they did wrong to not attract community’s response. Based on that, I’d like to lay down a few pointers to help you get faster response on your questions posted here:

  1. Post submission link instead of code - Submission link gives link to problem and other details and makes it very convenient to help. Problems which paste code instead of link get marginally less response.

  2. Write logic of their code in description - This improves responses because it makes it easy to help you. If its easy to help you then you are sure to get a faster and better response from community on your issue.

  3. Give some time to debugging before asking help - Some questions there are of type which indicate the people are not spending enough time debugging. Please note that when you get a WA in your solution, it means your code fails on our hidden test data. It is suggested to try various inputs, re-read the problem statement and hence try debugging your code. This makes sure community is not clogged with too many questions and can spend time helping people who need it more.



These are some good guidelines @vijju123 . Just remember to phrase your question clearly and specify the approach you have taken and where exactly you need help. Please refrain from something obnoxious like ALL CAPS I NEED HELP WHY WA.
Also have a look at A Hitchhiker's Guide to Asking Questions!
Don’t ever hesitate to ask doubts though :slight_smile:


Hi this is what you want

Admins do not response at all even if you structure your query. This is the worst side of Codechef platform.

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Why do admins have to respond all the time? Other people can also respond to them, if they are not related to CodeChef site. And even if admins do not respond, they surely see those queries related to the site, as it has to be an opinion about it.

And, can you please send a link to a query which has not been responded too. Yes, there are some which do get missed out because of other posts, but putting the right tags might help you avoiding that too.


Well I posted my query in editorial comment section and tagged setter and editorialist. But it is not responded.

E.g., FCTRE - Editorial
FCTRE - Editorial
FCTRE - Editorial

I am creating a new topic to explain this XD, else this reply will be too long, and for these type of queries, feel free to make a new topic, because these sometimes “mix” with other replies of the editorial.


Admin should ideally be tagged for codechef related things, like feedback on website, feature request, suspected wrong testcases in a problem etc.

Admin should usually NOT be tagged to ask for doubts or debug your code.


I know but I had to. No other option.


I followed procedure here :’( link.
I am still stuck with this problem.
I tried reading editorials and my solution matches with it but still getting WA.

I think I explicitly mentioned in point 2 that you SHOULD explain your logic. Linking that “I followed logic mentioned here” when all that post did was copy paste a code does not help me at all in understanding what you did.

Okay I will give explanation of my logic. :slight_smile:
Hopefully someone points out the mistake i have made in my code.

the ideal way, yes.

Do only top 5 people in all contest get laddus. is there no other way?

weren’t u banned